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DSI OB-6 is incredible


Silver Supporting Member
My Christmas present from my in-laws this year was the OB-6 module (yes they are incredible and I'm not sharing them ;)) and I can't get over how incredible it sounds. I've own and have owned a lot if synths in my day (for another thread) and I've never been more inspired to write by a piece of synth gear more than this one. It's like everything I play and every knob I turn is just another variation on a great sound I've always been trying to find with my gear. I've already written two songs based around this thing in the last week.

I'd be lying if I said the search is over and I'll never buy another piece of gear. But, I am seriously considering moving out my Europa equipped Jupiter 6 to get the keyboard version of the OB-6 and poly chain that with the Module for 12 voices.

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