DT50 w/ Hd500 vs 11R with tube power amp?

Discussion in 'Digital & Modeling Gear' started by Schuyler Lane, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Schuyler Lane

    Schuyler Lane Member

    Jan 19, 2010
    Redding, Ca
    I just got done selling my tradition setup, for a pod hd500 and dt50 cause i thought it soundnt great as a modeler/tube hybrid. Ive been wondering about the 11r the past few days. Anyone around here play both with tube rigs? Curious to see what people say about both of them compared to each other.
  2. Axe-Man

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Melbourne, Australia

    That is a tough one...

    I've actually done both (if you count the DT25 rather than the 50) and I've run the 11R extensively through poweramps (tube, ss, fx returns etc).
    IMHO, it depends what sounds you want and whether the hassle of a rack rig is worth it.

    I found with a really high quality tube poweramp, the 11R was great. The Marshalls, Vox and Fenders all were very nice though I got kinda frustrated with the Marshalls at times (they are great direct) though I struggled with them not having enough bottom end through power amps.

    The Recto was awful and after many patches the Mk IIc+ was my goto high gainer (though it was always not 'quite' right). You also need a rack and a midi controller so the 11R rig is pricey and heavy (rack poweramp's are 40-50 pounds for a 50 watter).

    The DT+HD500 is a very nice rig IMHO though it has it's issues. The Marshalls sound decent clean(ish) but struggle with any gain. Adding FX to boost them etc is ok but it's no Plexi running hot IMHO...it's actually a fair disappointment but L6 is meant to be releasing a new (and supposedly great) Plexi sim with the next firmware so they might have addressed this.

    The modern high gain on the DT+HD is better than the 11R IMHO but that will depend on the tone you seek. If you like high gain and this is important...then if you lean toward a Recto tone then the HD combo is the pick...a Mk tone...the 11R.

    I LOVED the Vox sim on the 11R but the Fenders on the HD are IMHO nicer.

    One benefit of the 11R rig is that you can then 'upgrade' to the next 'thing' if/when you want where the HD+DT is then old tech.

    I sold my 11R as I found it very picky about the type of poweramp and it was ultimately awkward and heavy. My Plexi and HD absolutely rock where the 11R sounded frikkin awful through it.

    I think the DT25+HD500 is a cool jamming/small gig rig as it's not 'that' expensive and it sounds solid. I think the cleans are actually really impressive on it and with a tube comp they sustain and sing like an actual amp.

    Once I start getting into the FX with the DT25+HD500 rig it'll be a very flexible setup.

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