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Dual purpose power amp - bass or sound reinforcement?


On a very, very rare occasion I have to dust off my bass and actually attempt to use it. One thing I never really had though was a good bass amp/rig. I have a Behringer BX3000 something or other but I've pretty much donated it to a music school I help with and if it stayed there, that's perfectly fine by me.

I have held onto a Mackie 1400i for a number of years as I was doing some live sound back in my college days. I have always thought of building a bass rig involving a power amp so I have the bass end covered or if the band needs a bit more power I could still use the power amp in a sound reinforcement situation (one of the reasons I've kept the Mackie over the years anyway).

What I'd like to know, is anyone running a system like this? I have a SansAmp bass preamp that I really like the sound of and I could pick up a decent priced bass speaker cab from Avatar and do one of the following:

1.) Run the Mackie since I already have it and it can serve 2 purposes.

2.) Sell the Mackie and pick up one of the newer class D power amps like a Crown xls1500 (or a different recommendation) due to the weight, helps my back and serves 2 purposes.

3.) This plan is stupid and I should really just get something like a Mark Bass head or the TC Electronics TonePrint head so you can model some great vintage bass heads.

So for those of you who play bass, what are your thoughts?


Formerly tripp2k
#2. I use a Sansamp rackmount pre (can't remember which model) in front of one of the lightweight Crowns and then into an Ampeg cab. I like it.

or #4. Run that pre into the board and out through the PA.


SansAmp into whatever power amp you choose will be a great bass rig.
Or rack it up with a BBE B Max.


I agree with the sans amp into any good quality power amp-it works great and sounds even better!

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