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Dual Tremolo Stereo Pedals


Who makes a dual tremolo pedal that can also be used in stereo? Analog, digital and multi-fx suggestions are welcome.

Three multi-fx units that come to mind are Zoom MS70CDR, Zoom MS100BT and Boss MD500.

*I know the Chase Bliss Gravitas and Stone Deaf FX Tremotron are two dedicated, analog-tremolo pedals that have dual tremolo capabilities but IIRC they are both mono output.

*Source Audio makes the Vertigo which is a dedicated, digital-tremolo pedal and it has stereo outputs but I'm not sure if it has dual (or multi-tremolo) capabilities.

*It does occur to me that two basic tremolo pedals could be used for a dual, stereo effect. This could certainly be a cost effective way to get the job done.
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Fulltone Supa Trem 2 is a stereo optical trem with tap tempo and the ability to set the phase relationship between the two channels.

If they're still in business, I recall the Young Pedals The Looker being a similar setup.


I have the Zoom MS 70CDR and that dual trem is quite a cool effect. I use it for slightly offset times left and right, and it gives a bit of the ‘How Soon is Now’ feel of multiple amps with trem.

Flint doesn’t do dual tremolos in the way you are describing. In fact, although the pedal itself is stereo, the trems don’t pan in stereo. It sounds like there is some of Strymon’s psycho-acoustic stuff going on with the Harmonic trem but only the reverb has a stereo effect.

The Source Audio Vertigo also doesn’t do dual trems - it is one trem in stereo, though it does pan nicely, and you have a heap of control over all aspects of the effect through their Neuro app.

I don’t think the Supa trem 2 does this either. J Rockett Has a dual trem but I don’t believe it is stereo.

I’m sure you could set up one of the big multi/modellers to do this. Looking at the Helix architecture you could surely set up 2 trems separately for left and right?

One thing I do, is leave my trem pedal (Vertigo or Zoom) off, and dual in trem on my left amp itself (Vox AC15). This give a real stereo enhancement and he feeling of 2 guitarists tracking together. Nice.