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Duane ring strap


A really hoopy frood.
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Looks cool. But the metal would make me nervous. No metal on any of my straps as I'm afraid of accidentally gouging a guitar.
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Mad Strappier
Yours looks solid and faithful to the original Zebo design

I make those too, but mine have a few changes from vintage...

I used to use the "proper" sized ring, but after making six or eight of those I found that 6.5" size ring was just too damn clunky, bumping into a guys fret arm and such .. so I went down to a smaller 4.5" that I find more comfy, but still has that look...

I also stitch padding into mine in the shoulder, I stitch and line the whole strap actually, and make it about an inch wider on the shoulder.

Lastly, the original style of adjustment leaves a little to be desired on these so I've added a new buckle system to mine that greatly increases adjustability, and useful life of the strap.

One dude in Philly bought FIVE! :eek:
That was a HEAVY box to mail...you don't want to drop these rings on your sock feet!



I think this one is 4.5 inches diameter. The front leather piece looks longer than in yours, longer than the original too. Hawk leather makes these. Solid work.

Nice work on yours too, didn't come across them when I researched...


Mad Strappier
There's a few people making these... and i love that you showed yours and are rightly proud of it becaise I know it cost you a few bills! Sourcing the rings to build these is not the easiest thing... I hope your Skydog lasts you for many a year... It's undeniable when you throw one of these straps over your shoulder, that big brass ring acts like some kind of Blues/Roots antenna, sitting right there centered over your heart... A very special feeling.

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