Dude...GC Player Series Exclusive.....Dude...Ebony board.....Dude...Matching headstock...Dude....

Total swag!!!



Guitar Center

The black HSS with the covered humbucker, painted headstock and chrome Tele knobs has already come and gone at my local GC; they still have the other 3 versions - red SSS, green SSS, and yellow HSS. None of the other versions have the matching headstock or chrome knobs, and the humbucker on the yellow HSS is uncovered (dual black bobbins on that one to match the single coil covers).
So how does one secure one of these beauties???!
I think you can only get them at GC.

Guitar Center does a couple FSR runs. Some of them are meh but a few are true gems.

When they made special runs of Classic Series a couple years back those were hot colors especially the 60s colors.

Canary Diamond, Cerulean Blue, Lilac.......

I got a Lilac. I remember seeing it from a distance thinking it was a Olympic White and an Am Standard with the Custom Shop 50s they use to come with. The Eldred times guitars. Got it of the wall and it was just pure butter.

I then noticed it was actually an MIM and then I read the price tag and saw it was Lilac and it was going for a stupid price of 600$.

Those things sold out fast and I got mine quick. These still came with Rosewood too.

The 50s colors were kind of meh but those 60s colors on those special runs were killer. Still got it. About a year after I got it somebody offered me 900$ for it straight up even though they sold for 600$. I had to kindly deny the offer. In never letting this one go. Played 5-6 other Lilac models in the area and none had the mojo or tone this one had. Its never leaving my side *_*

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Sculpted/angled/contoured heels have ruined me. Don’t think I’ll ever buy or build another F-style guitar where my hand is met with a brick wall at the 16th fret. I’ve seen the light.
When I see a HB in a stock Fender guitar, I run.

It's sad really. You'd think they could have got it together in all this time.

The only exception is the original HB in the Tele Deluxe / Custom. The new ones are not the same at all.
Still, they were definitely their own thing and not something I really want.

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