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Duesenberg STV vs. STV+


Is the Starplayer TV+ really worth it? Does the Piezo really add that much? There's no plus model anywhere around here for me to try...


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Are we talking about cars or guitars here? I have a Cadillac STS and it plays and sounds great with my Corsa exhaust.


I've got the TV+ and I really like the tonal options you'll get. The P-90 in the neck can be rather dark so the piezo can really add some shimmer and glass to the tone. The piezo tone isn't as nearly as nice as some active ones available on certain guitars like my PRS HBII w/ Piezo, but it does offer another tonal option.

The only things bad I can say or say to improve:

  • Made it 2 seperate stereo signals, a piezo and mag
  • Made independent controls for piezo and mag
  • Hate the sharing of the tone/volume controls for the piezo and mag
  • Would love for it to be setup like the PRS HBs w/ piezos
  • Offer the TV+ in more colors!

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