Duesenberg - Thomann Website Pricing Shipping to USA vs Ebay Prices


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Am I missing something???

I've been looking at Duesenberg Starplayers, looking in the Emporium, checking Ebay new and used prices and for the Outlaw series, just for example the prices are in the $2700 - $3000 (USD) range on ebay (new or used).

I got to the Thomann website, which I understand means that I'm considering shipping a guitar from Germany :bonk and I'm seeing the pricing after you subtract their VAT (European - Value Added Tax) I'm getting 1508.00 Euros + 30 Euros for shipping = 1538 Euros. If I google the exchange rate, I'm coming up with $1962.50. BIG Difference!

Am I going to be paying customs on this if I ship it into the states??? Anyone with experience on this? A few years back I spotted someone on here selling one for $1900 and I've been kicking myself for not snatching it up immediately and it was gone before I could think it over.

Any thoughts?


I don't know how it works in the States, but usually if you import from another country you pay import tax (+ customs, maybe, depending on the country). You can probably find what you're looking for here:



For example, if you're somewhere in Europe, but outside of the EU, and you buy from Thomann, they will sell the goods to you excluding their VAT, because you pay your own country's VAT when you import the shipment.

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