Duet 2; USB, really?

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I wanted to get a Duet when they came out, ended up with an Echo Audiofire. Noticed they have a Duet 2 now (as well as the single channel One) but it's USB, not firewire. I'm really surprised by this. I guess this has to do with some Apple products not having firewire anymore.

Anyway, is this an issue? I'm not going to be recording more than two inputs at a time, but what if I have the Duet 2 and an external both running off the same USB port?


I was speaking with the guys from Apogee when the unit came out about this. They mentioned they opted to go USB over FW 400 with the Duet 2 because with the throughput was actually faster than firewire with the particular converter chipset they were using.

The bandwidth of USB 2.0 is more than enough for two in and outs of audio at 192k. That much bandwidth isn't necessary. The new Quartet is also USB 2.0, so bandwidth isn't an issue.


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