Dumb Question: Pre-Amp for Fender Jazz 24


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not a dumb question at all, as i've replaced 3 or 4 of those things already! what happens usually is someone puts a battery in backwards, and the preamp promptly burns up!
to add insult to injury, a replacement preamp card from fender will cost 75 bucks easy!

i've had good luck replacing the whole arrangement with the emg bts control, which is an excellent little preamp with bass and treble controls. i pull all the wiring except the pan pot and the mini-toggle, use a 500k linear pot as the new volume, and wire up the mini-toggle as a preamp bypass for active/passive switching. it sounds much better, both active (especially with the preamp run at 18 volts) and passive, as the duncan quarter pounders the bass comes with are nice pickups in their own right.

phil esposito

Thanks for the info Walter...seems to me he was changing his battery just before that happened.

Any idea's where we could get another board? Our local Fender guys are a little slow....

Also, I've heard of people changing the board for a Seymour Duncan STC-3. Is this a straight change or is there any wiring mod's required?



a lot of guys on Talkbass like the Audere stuff, apparently drops right into the cavity...


I was told by a dealer that the OEM EQ is not available to the public. Mine is shot, probably because of the backward battery which I believe I did mistakenly. Preferrably I want a plug'n play piece where I don't have to change the existing harnesses.

Some of the other replacement pieces suggested to me by vendors involved changing out pots, etc.

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