Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker


How hot is this pickup exactly? hotter than a duncan 59/dimarzio 36th anniversary/57 classic?


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You can compare it to a Duncan 59 easily enough, but not every company uses the same numbers to generate their marketing.

Duncan 59 N - 7.43k DC Resistance
Duncan 59 B - 8.13k DC Resistance
Lotta Love N - 8.20k DC Resistance
Lotta Love B - 8.78k DC Resistance

Both of the Whole Lotta Love pickups have more output than the 59 set.

Duncan 59 N - 6.8KHz Resonant Peak
Duncan 59 B - 6.0KHz Resonant Peak
Lotta Love N - 6.4KHz Resonant Peak
Lotta Love B - 6.14KHz Resonant Peak

The Duncan 59 Neck pickup is brighter than the Whole Lotta Love Neck pickup.
The Whole Lotta Love Bridge pickup is brighter than the Duncan 59 Bridge pickup.

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