Dutch Axe-Fest, June 4, Utrecht

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    It's been too long! The previous Dutch Axe-Fest was in 2013.

    So GibsonLesPaul (Carl, the man with the talent for organizing things) and I are organizing a new edition.

    It will be held at June 4, at "Het Vechthuis", in Utrecht, Netherlands. Save that date.

    Of course the user base has expanded in the past years, and hopefully we'll be welcoming users of the FX8 and AX8 as well.

    We've asked our talented friends Anand Mahangoe and Guitarjon to attend and demonstrate stuff, in addition to a presentation by yours truly.

    And there's more to follow. We're still working on the program, keeping the good stuff from the previous edition and adding interesting new things.

    If you want to attend, make sure to REGISTER HERE: dutchaxefest.wix.com/axefest2016

    Carl made this website and it has additional details and will be updated over the coming weeks.

    Note that entry is free. And you even get some free coins for drinks.

    You can win an AX8!

    Lottery tickets will be available at the event. Price depends on the number of attendees.
    We encourage you to buy lottery tickets because the revenue is also used to cover the expenses of this event.

    Plus give-aways: EV-1 pedal and Mission pedal!

    This is all made possible by our generous sponsor: G66
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