Sold E Series MIJ 72 RI Stratocaster

blind radish

Silver Supporting Member
Sadly, finances force me to sell my beautiful early 80s MIJ 72 RI strat ... made at the fuji-gen factory.

It is a players guitar with a ding or two here and there. Overall 8 out of 10 condition.

All stock with two exceptions: it has Van Zandt vintage blues pickups and a blender tone pot. The blender pot is a "no load" pot that when on "10" removes itself from the circuit. But when you turn it down it starts to blend the bridge pickup into the neck pickup setting or the neck pickup into the bridge pickup setting.

This really fattens and warms up a bright, thin sounding bridge pickup and brightens up and adds some "cluck" to a neck pickup.

I will ship in a gig bag. More pix on request. $525 shipped


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