Sold EARLY (s# 14!!) Carr Rambler in rare PURPLE! SIGNED by Steve Carr! $1850 shipped!


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I have a really rare and unbelievably cool Rambler from Steve Carr in PURPLE. Its a 1x12 combo. It is different than any other Rambler I've owned. It has what appears to be REALLY old pine for the cab and baffle. The new ones are painted black, but the wood in this is honestly extremely old looking and I don't believe it was 'aged'. It is not painted black. Steve signed the cab (and I believe the chassis is signed too!), which is also rare. Its one of the first batch made....this one is #14!!!! Its a piece of Carr history. I have the original Kingpin speaker, but there is presently an Elsinore installed. I like both speakers...the Kingpin tends to fart out at really high volume when this baby is pushed, the Elsinore holds up under any condition. I can ship it with one or the other....or both if the price is right. It comes with a footswitch for the verb.
The amp is in really good shape, minus a couple of black marks (looks like Sharpie marks?). Tolex is good and not lifting, like so many of these early ones did. Handle is in excellent shape. The amp really has been babied but its no spring chicken and its been played a little bit. Newer set of tubes its ready to go for a long time to come.

I don't really want to sell this one, but I have a real deal Deluxe Reverb that does what I need, so its pointless to keep this, although it really does sound EVERY bit as good or better, is more versatile and compact...ugh....if I keep going I'll be pulling this ad, which may very well happen anyways. This is a hard one to let loose of! This is an extremely early unit, and it DOES sound a little bit different than the other ones I've had. More 'organic' and natural, if that makes sense. I LOVE this will be missed :(

$1850 shipped and insured with the Elsinore for this piece of history.....or you could buy a new one for quite a bit more ;) I'd include the King Pin for $70 on top.

Tradewise....I'm just looking to try something new. A versatile head or combo for gigging (channel switchers with great clean and dirty channels) might get my attention

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