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I have an early 80's Tom Anderson Tele neck that appears to have no finish on it. Does anyone know if there is the possibility that there might be a light finish or treatment on it to make it appear so. I just don't want to have it sprayed with laquer unless I am sure that the wood is untreated. There is paint on the mounting surface, as if the neck were on a guitar body at some point. The neck has markings as if it were a custom order as well. I just don't know enough about these necks to make a good call on the finish work. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

John C

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If you haven't already I would suggest posting over on the Anderson forum (andersonforum.com); Tom himself usually replys to questions about old guitars and parts.

I do know that back he was really only doing parts; it could be that the neck was ordered unfinished.

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If i recall, anderson used tung oil on necks then. Maybe still does on some, but in any case tung oil looks and feels like unfinished wood.

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