Earth Sound Research Graphic Fuzz Demo


Here is a quick demo of the Earth Sound Graphic Fuzz, a proper write-up to follow in a few days at

Thanks to Jerms for letting me demo this pedal.
I liked this pedal alot, to me it seems like something that could really be refined to be very useful. It has a ton of output and the
Filter knob is pretty crazy. I loved the overall fuzz tone this pedal has which is very heavy and full sounding. On most settings on the Filter knob I found most useful with my guitar volume turned down. It creates a lo-fi character that is musical and atmospheric.
Overall this pedal took a little getting used to but in the end I liked it alot. To me it seems like a great circuit to expand on and bring into a more modern and useable layout. The fuzz in this one is great and needs to be experienced.

Best viewed in HD quality.

Thanks for Watching.

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