Earthquaker Disaster Transport post honymoon review


i've been getting alot of emails from people on all the forums about this pedal so here it goes.

It's digital, but it sounds like an analog delay. You cant get dd3 tones in here. It's more like a dm2-3 or the "low res" setting on the dl4. It's got quite a bit of delay time, about as much as a dd3.

the modulation is good. Not great, but good. If your used to a DMM then the mod seems to be lacking, but i've been using it in place of my DMM and i'm not complaining. By itself you notice the difference but in a band, it sounds lush and full. If you dont like the mod on the DMM then you might like it on this pedal.

the tone of the DMM is much darker and mellow than the DT. The DT gets more midrangy.

the size of the DT is awesome, and being able to switch the mod on/off is a huge selling point. It's a very well made pedal. For the price, you cant go wrong. I still love my DMM and always will, but this thing knocked it off the board.

i think it's time for a video comparison of the dmm and dt.

my DMM is a huge part of my sound and beats out every delay I've tried, but I'm interested in the DT.


I have really been digging my DT as well. It's a really good sounding delay and the modulation is alot of fun. I just got a Hummingbird yesterday and was getting some cool tones using these 2 boxes together.

Hey Waco,
how do you like the Tusk? I have been interested in that pedal for awhile now.


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I've gotten one recently as well and its friggin excellent.

I was also a DMM owner, but it was really impractical for me... I actually dig the disaster transport tone better (it doesn't really screw with your original tone as much with a preamp). True the mod isn't quite as musical as on the DMM, but I'm more than happy with the disaster transport.

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