Sold EarthQuaker Hoof, Dispatch Master, White Light, Boss JHS TR-2


Update: All Sold, thank you!

For sale are four pedals from my pedalboard. I'm using a Boss GT-100 mostly in the studio now so these GREAT pedals are yours at a deal from the new price. And, they are all in absolutely excellent condition. All have their original boxes, and all have very clean white velcro on the back. I have perfect feedback here and elsewhere and I ship quickly. PM me with offers (no trades) while they are still available. They are all perfect condition and all except the Hoof are new very recently and minty. The Hoof is in near perfect condition as well. The White Light and Dispatch Master speak for themselves and are amazing pedals, the Hoof is the most dead quiet and most versatile fuzz I've ever played, and the Boss JHS Tremolo includes a rate light, classy boutique knobs, a bigger rate range and trem wave sweep range, and also a volume control on the right side as well. This tremolo can do anything and blows the stock TR-2 out of the water in every way.

Prices are PayPal'd (regular PayPal) and Shipped to the Lower 48 of 'Merica. Will make a small deal if multiple pedals are purchased.

Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz $115 OBO (SOLD for $100)
Earthquaker White Light Overdrive $110 OBO (SOLD for $95)
Earthquaker Dispatch Master $155 OBO (SOLD for $140)
Boss JHS Tremolo $115 OBO (SOLD for $110)

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