Easiest Blues Driver mod?


Hi guys,

Sorry if this question has been asked before, I did a search and didn't come up with much.

I kicked my stock BD-2 off the board when I picked up a Sparkle Drive to use as a clean boost. With it off the board, I figured it'd be a good time to tinker with it. From reading through the forums, a few DIY mods always come up:

- Monte Allums H20
- Keeley Phat
- Galaxie
- Indy Guitarist

I'm definitely a novice with a soldering iron....have done a few strat pickups, but thats about it. Are any of the above mods considered "easiest", or is it all the same? Any other first-time modders done the BD-2...are the instructions crystal clear, or does it require a little bit of circuit-knowledge? Just wanted to get some opinions before frying my pedal!

Thanks guys


The best mod is to keep the Tone below 11:00- NOON, and to keep the Gain (and Level) at a higher setting than what you think you would like( at full guitar volume)- say both at 1:00. Turn the Pedal ON, Leave it ON (as opposed to kicking it on for lead breaks), and play. This pedal has got great dynamics stock, and cleans up great- why f**K this up with a mod?

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