East River Audio - Touch Distortion - LM308

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    thought it be nice to past along a great pedal

    I saw these pedals here on the forum and didn't go any further
    shortly after I heard a demo made by Pop into the Chemist.

    i heard sounds and tones that really interested me and I could tell this pedal
    was versatile and made with high grade components

    the pricing was also another must have feature as well.

    so now I've had the Touch pedal on by board for many weeks and I'm still
    digging every setting.

    I use a RYRA Klon for my clean tones and I am able to dial the Touch to match the RYRA
    with a bit more sparkle and a natural breakup that I can control with how I pick.
    or set it too over drive with the same tone as the RYRA.

    I am not a heavy distortion or fuzz player and the Touch goes into distortion and fuzz easily
    and I find my self using these sounds now. what I like best is I can get all these tones fast
    and also tweak them if I want.

    having a second volume control is another plus feature...

    I would suggest to listen to the Chemist demo.

    This is just a awesome pedal no matter what your style or tone is.
    Just can't go wrong.
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    Feb 4, 2004
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    Amen. I'm a big Rat fan from way back, have had many clones and of course my old original 80s white face. The TD really gets sooo close to the old ones.

    And you're right about versatility--even a jazzer now and then find a Rat quite tasteful:
    http://www.johnscofield.com/equipment/ (Scofield has used Rat for years)
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