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Eastman 605 Jim Fisch model vs. Peerless Jazz City


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+1... which is why I tend to buy used these days. As much as we all have said "this is my forever guitar", soon another "forever guitar" comes strolling by.
Not only that but anyone who's been playing for a few years can tell you that *ALL* wood is different. In the internet age of guitar buying, folks seem to forget that no matter how well a guitar is made, some just don't good. The wood just doesn't vibrate right or maybe a glue joint is not right or the wood shrank before it was glued up, etc....

I used to go to the store and try out 5 or 6 Les Pauls before finding the good one. Now, we all buy sight and sound unseen and hope that they're good.

So if you buy something who's resale value blows, you're SOL. Sorry if you don't understand that.

No need to reply. Moving on...

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