Eastwood 'Backlund' model 400 project is officially 'off and running'

John Backlund

They put it up this afternoon, it will be offered for six weeks via their Custom Shop. If it meets their minimum pledges, it will be built, if not.....I guess it won't, but it's certainly worth a try. Eastwood has it priced at $1349, including the fitted hardcase. In my little world, that's a lot of money, but still relatively cheap when compared to the 'old' JBD custom-built model 400's (only five of which were ever built) which were priced between $4000 and $5000 smackers.

I'm currently working on an updated illustration of Eastwood's rendition of this guitar, to replace the one they're using to get this project started. The actual guitar will mostly resemble the metallic blue/ivory guitar in the photos beneath the illustration ( my personal JBD-400, #5), though it will have several differences, such as pickguard material and finish, bridge, and maybe one or two other minor changes. I should have it to Eastwood no later than this coming Wednesday.

Here's the link...

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