Easy / good recorder for recording church service?

Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by tele_jas, Jan 28, 2015.

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    I've been using my laptop to record Sunday Church services to put on the church website this last year, but there's times I can't always bring it - and I rarely attend on Wednesdays, and they need that night recorded too.

    So, I've been given a small budget (under $300) to buy a recording device that can record a board mix and it also needs to have the ability to record "the room" since no microphones are used for the Wednesday service because there is a lot of Q&A and it needs to pick up the questions from the attendees.

    I've been looking at the Tascam DR-40E and DR-07mkII and some of the Zoom recorders.... But I don't know much about those. I need something that can record from the board via a 1/4 or 1/8 inch input and then record the room on Wednesdays. Can any of these record the board and the room at the same time, like a 2 track? I also need to be able to save it as an MP3 before uploading it to the website

    Last thing, it's not a big deal... But can any of these do simple editing? On Sundays, there is a lot of dead space that I currently edit out (about 10 minutes).

    Lots of questions.... What would you all recommend?
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    I have the Tascam DP004 and I would not recommend it. It sounds good and records good but if you want easy to use, stay away. It's easy for me, but a novice would be lost and moving tracks is time consuming as well.

    I use an alesis videotrack to pick up room recordings. It's simple and easy and i can take the card out of it and pop it in the desktop. bam. done. It is only 2 track.

    I see the Zoom 4 track looks interesting, but i have not used it.
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    Zoom H5 is your answer in that budget.

    You can record the board with the 1/4s (or xlr), and then use the XY mic attachment it comes with to record the room simultaneously.

    You will want to time align the two sources in post though - or you will have a pretty nasty echo/flanging effect. (Drop the files in to a DAW).

    I had poor experiences with Tascam (I've owned both of those, though I think you meant the DR-40E).

    (I have thousands of hours worth of Church service recording experience)
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