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Sold EBMM St. Vincent, Limited Edition Tobacco Sunburst w/Gold Hardware


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Putting this up here for sale and trade feelers. I've decided it's time to sell my St. Vincent in favor of something solid body with a shorter scale and vintage voiced full-size humbuckers. TGP price incl. PayPal fees and shipping is $1750. Lots of info and photos at my Reverb listing:


PM for any additional photos or questions.

Trades I'd consider with cash on either end as necessary: Les Pauls or SGs with large/round neck profiles (no Slim Tapers, please). Goldtops and Ebony finishes get bonus points for LPs; super flamy tops and cherry sunbursts get minus points. Flying V's or Explorers round necks would interest me too. Anything else you're thinking of trading in the Gibson solid body arena would interest me. PRS without birds possibly. No Strats, Teles, or semi-hollows; I've already got those bases covered.
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I have a 1998 PRS CE22 without birds if you would be interested in a trade!

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