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    Aug 9, 2013
    Beautiful example of Gabriel's fine craftsmanship. I purchased this guitar from CME about a year ago. I have owned several of Gabriels guitars over the years and this one has to be in the top three for me. Echopark guitars are handcrafted by Gabriel Currie in Echo Park, CA, and are known for crafting some of the highest quality electric guitars in the world.

    This is Gabriel's production debut 62 model featuring a swamp ash body, korina neck, a insanely figured Brazilian rosewood fretboard and incredible Arcane '62 pickups, this S style '62 Model electric guitar is capable of achieving a wide range of tones such as classic rock, blues, R&B, country and many more.

    $4490 plus actual shipping cost. Ill take care of paypal fees. Also open to trades that financially lean towards my favor.

    Detailed pictures can be seen here:
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