Ecstasy Good Eough 2 replace BB

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  1. josh.rigaud

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Dallas TX
    Cant afford to keep both so its a thing of having to sell one to get the other.
    Dont have the luxury to try out the wampler.
    I keep reading thats its very dumble like, but is that all it does? I have a Shiba drive that I use as a very, light drive. I have a katana for clean boost and for fuzz I have a Scarab Deluxe. I use the BB for med gain and stack it with the Shibe if I need something a little heavier. Could the wampler replace the bb or should I stay put, with the BB?
  2. Abandoned

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    Nov 2, 2010
    If you have a normal bb preamp ... I like the Ecstasy way better, but they are different. No midrange bump whatsoever with the Ecstasy. But it's very fat and smooth and uncompressed if you want it to be.
    I had a bb and BB MB for a long time. The MB is more Marshall.
    The ecstasy does more than the Dumble thing, and it's not like a zendrive. It's a very transparent Dumble thing. It doesn't just do the Dumble thing. It does much more and is more versatile.
    It really comes down to if you want any kinda midhump... Cuz if you do, you don't want the ecstasy.

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