Ed Bickert "Why Shouldn't I?" solo analysis (pt. 1)

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  1. Pedro Bellora

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    Feb 2, 2012
    I'd like to share with you the phrase-by-phrase analysis of this amazing solo by the great Ed Bickert.

    Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for watching!!


    "Pure Bickert" is a project about transcribing all of Ed Bickert's solos on the historic "Pure Desmond" album. Not only there will be videos of me playing each solo in the most precise possible way (although it's impossible to really guarantee 100% accuracy), but also videos playing each section slowly and discussing harmony and the concept of every phrase and chord.

    I sincerely hope this project helps in getting even more people exposed to truly one of the greatest jazz guitar players in history: the great Ed Bickert.

    Thanks for your interest!
    Best wishes,

    - Pedro Bellora

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