Educate me on JCM800 4104 combos


I've read hear and there some stuff about these amps. I'd like to know some more specific things and clarify what I've read.

How are they voiced? Do they have a mid-hump? Are they flat? Are they scooped like 60's-to-today fenders or hi-gains??

How is their clean channel? Can you get rid of the grit and get a shmmery clean sound? I used to have a DSL 401 and found the cleans simply ok. Anyone can make a comparison?

What is the fuss about them being intially single channel and later split channel?

Are they suitable for cleans? Can they do metallica-kill-em-all or black album gain? Or are they a one-trick pony doing only middy crunch?

When did their production start and when were they discontinued? Are they collectible treasures or leftover junk?

What would a fair price be in the US and in Europe for one?

Thanks for reading!


Voiced pretty much the same as the head version (2204); I own a 4104 w/6550s and a 2204 modded for EL34s. Classic Marshall hard rock tones. Clean channel is great and works very well as a pedal platform. Not too scooped (6550s make the clean channel nicer IMO; more Fender-like). With a boost pedal, you can get Metallica gain levels. Definitely not one-trick ponies. Probably in the $700-900 range unless it's in mint condition or a more rare model. Here's mine (probably my favorite amp):

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