Edwards “335” Semi-Hollow


I’m considering getting an Edwards “335” Semi-Hollow as a more affordable alternative to a Gibson ES-335. Although there is a lot of talk about Edwards LP’s, I couldn’t find much information about their semi-hollow. http://espguitars.co.jp/edwards/index.html (click on Lacquer Taste Series, then on E-SA-125LTS).
  • Has anybody played one of these and what was your impression?
  • Is build quality and playability comparable to their solid body models?
  • How do the stock pickups (Duncan SH2/neck and SH14/bridge) sound in this guitar, and how would you compare it to the tone of a Gibson 335?
  • How does this guitar stack up against other Japanese-made alternatives such as Yamaha SA-2200, Tokai ES-120, Ibanez AS-200, etc.?


I'll know in a bit as I have one on the way to me know. I own two Edwards LP's and they are fantastic.

Also look at the Epi Sheraton Elitist. They are remarkable guitars too.


I got an Edwards Les Paul about nine months ago..fantastic guitar and it's equal to any of the half dozen Gibson Les Pauls I've owned over the years....that said about a month ago I got a Tokai ES-120 and it's every bit as good as the Edwards as far a craftsmanship is concerned...I ordered it from Ebay seller Hisashi and it arrived set up perfectly...extremely low action. I've had two Gibson 335s...a late 60s 12 string and a 1997 335...the Tokai is everybit as good as the 60s 12 string and completely blows away the 1997 335 I had...one thing I really like about the Tokai is that the neck angle is more like the vintage 335s in which the bridge sets nice and close to the body...on my 97 335 the thumbwheels for the bridge where way up there...between 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch and you really had to jack the pickups way up past the pick up rings to get them close to the strings...the thumbwheels on my Tokai are 1/8 inch off the body of the guitar and the pickups hardly poke above the pickups rings...a much nicer look in my opinion. Also the Edwards is a solid top where the Tokai is a laminate like Gibson 335s...I believe a laminate top and back are much more stable and less prone to warping and cracking than a solid top...I'm sure the Edwards is fine, but I believe the Tokai is a bit closer to vintage 335 specs. Here's a few pics.





Here's one that shows how close the bridge is to the body.


Lowlands Erik

I have just received a black Edwards E-SA-125-LTS. I must say I am quite impressed with the build quality. The SD pups are good but I might change them for something with lower output. For the money a really great guitar. Plays good, sounds nice....I like it.

Bought it from Ishibashi. Really good service and packaging.




The Edwards E-SA125 and 136 really do stand out, but I would need to try one before opening my piggy bank. There are some really good instruments on a slightly lower price rung, though -- Hohner HS and HJ thinlines, Epiphone Lucille, ES295 and Sheraton II come to mind.


Here's mine:


Great sounding and playing guitar. Because it's a solid type I guess it might be more prone to feedback but it's easy enough to control. Just keep your fingers on the strings. The neck pickup sounds really nice with the tone rolled back a bit and the bridge pickup is nice in that it gives you the option of higher output if you want it or you can always choose to roll the volume back a bit. Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic. The only thing I don't really like is the aged look of the lacquer. I know it's the hip thing to do now but I like gleaming white or cream on new guitars. The color they used for the top coatdoes look like 40 year old lacquer though so that's kinda nifty. By the way, the case is beautiful as well. Sort of a bronco covering on it.

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