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Effect loop set up


I have the following set up between my guitar and my amp:
->Wireless receiver->Tuner->Wah->OD->Distortion->Boost->Chorus->Delay
I also consider adding a 10 band EQ to my effect chain as well.

How would you do this in order to keep all pedals on the board but to have one separate chain between the guitar and amp, and a second separate chain in the effect loop?
Wireless, Tuner, wah and dirt between guitar and amp - then the rest in the loop?

-Should the loop be set to -10 or +4 dB?
-Using my boost in channel 1 gives a different boost than in channel 2, would a more linear boost be given when placed in the loop?


I would put everything from the boost downstream in the loop set to -10.

The boost will give the same amount of volume increase if in the loop.

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