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Effect order?

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by gtrmaestro, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. gtrmaestro

    gtrmaestro Member

    Mar 5, 2008
    Just North of Nashville
    Hey there guys, I have been a guitar - overdrive - amp guy for a long time. However in what I'm doing now I'm needing to use more effects. I'm really not sure of the best route for my pedals and would appreciate any suggestions as I'm brand new to this. Also I run everything into the front end of my amp and have never tried an effects loop, don't even know if they would help at all. Here is what I'm running:

    Guitar (PRS McCarty, 335 or Strat) to Boss tuner, to Snarling Dogs Black Bawls wah, to Cmatmods Tube Slammer, to Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor, to Line 6 DL4, to Cmatmods Signa Comp, to Electro Harmonix Small Stone, to Creation Audio Mk 4.23 Clean Boost, to the input of my Peavey Classic 30. I'm going to be adding in a Cmatmods Deeelay as soon as it arrives. Also using all George L's cables and a Voodoo Labs pedal power 2.
    I'm also thinking about adding a Volume pedal, would you put this before or after effects?
    Thanks a lot!!!
  2. DaveukRN

    DaveukRN Member

    Mar 8, 2008
    personally my rig is as below but it depends on the pedals ie which ones are true bypass etc. Just experiment on the floor before you comit it to a board:

    - guitar
    wah wah
    volume pedal
    - amp
  3. wildschwein

    wildschwein Member

    Mar 13, 2008
    Alkimos, Western Australia
    The general way to do it is to stick all your distortion and wah/volume effects into the amp's front end, and then route all the modulation type effects through your effects loop. You should put your delay last in the effects loop chain and other mod effects like chorus/phase/flange etc in front of it so that all of those mod sounds feed into the delay.

    In the front end I always put my passive volume pedal first, followed by finicky fuzz boxes then the wah and then more modern overdrive and distortion devices. I find the wah gives a more pronounced "wah" sound with the fuzz in front; even though my wah has been modded to true bypass. Regular modern distortion pedals seem to sound better after the wah to my ears.

    In the end though it's trial and error and you have to find whats best for you. But having a really long front end chain adds quite a lot of noise and thins your tone especially if there is a lot of buffered bypass pedals - and I find mod and delay effects come through sounding clearer when placed between the amp's preamp and poweramp stage. Of course, on some older amps you don't get an effects loop option and you have to use the front end.
  4. PrestonBrick

    PrestonBrick Member

    Jul 14, 2007
    NE Ohio
    +1 here.

    he summed it all up for ya.
  5. 12guitdown

    12guitdown Member

    Mar 11, 2008
    between Doheney & Old Man's
    I have the Cmatmods signa comp too and find that it stacks better before the od, dist. and or fuzz. But this might depend on what other dirt pedals you're running with it as their all different. So if you find the comp getting a little trebly, caca sounding with a dirt pedal, try the above.

    In regards to vol. pedal, I always run it after the dirt pedals but before the delay. anywhere in the modulation area should be fine. Why but a vol pedal first in the chain when it will only function like the guit. vol.? Also, with vol. swells, while using dist.,(and some delay-optional) is another effect and/or use in itself. Between songs, if you have any hiss from the dirt pedals, just roll back the vol pedal.
    But it all comes down to what works for you. Remember, have fun experimenting.


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