Effectrode = Bliss


nothing to really debate here, just a hats off to the people at Effectrode

recovering from the flu and after a week of not playing, i ventured out this morning to plug in.
Not sure if absence played any part, but plugging my Effectrodes in (Helios - Vibe - Drive - Trem) i was in tonal bliss

I also finally nailed a tone I've been chasing for a long time. I mixture of crunchy blues (from the tube drive), edgy fuzz from the hellos, and combined they went into this stratosphere of break up to the point of almost failure. The two crashed together like no other fuzz/drive combo I've tried. It was unruly, yet distinct and clear. Discordant yet musical in a strange way.

I play a lot of stuff that gets its influence from mixing 70's and 80's classic rock with noisier stuff like Dino Jnr and newer ZZ Top.
I feel i have a board suited for all occasions. Will stick with it for the week and report back.

Axes: Strat w/Kinman Woodstocks, Prinz Tele w/BKP Slowhands, Reborn Old (stock), Korina Explorer (stock).
Amp: Ulbrick Arena

Feel free to share similar stories :)


Glad you're feeling better...LOVE me some Effectrode!

EDIT: Proud owner of an original Tube Vibe (modded), Delta Trem and PC2A...probably going to add a Tube Drive and Fire Bottle at some point.
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Fantastic pedals. I am now running a Mercury Fuzz, Tube Drive and a Vibra Chorus. I also have the newest version of the Tube Vibe and can't make up my mind which I prefer, Vibe or Chorus.


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I absolutely love my Blackbird. For what it does, it's a fantastic pedal. I love turning the gain and level down on it and plugging it into the front of my Mark IV. With a low level and low gain, the Blackbird creates some new and interesting tones out of the Mark IV.

I recently purchased an AMT SS11-A and am having a lot of fun finding ways of getting the two of them to work together. Throw the Jester into the mix and it gives a ton of options for coloring overdrive.

What's so cool is that all of them are great pedals, yet they are all so different:
- Blackbird : Great clean, overdrive gives Dumble/Soldano tones.
- Jester : Good boost, overdrive is warm and thick.
- SS11A : Great cleans there too, overdrive is definitely in Marshall territory.

I've been gassing for an Effectrode Tube Vibe. The only problem is that I don't know if I am a good enough player to make effective use of it. Well, there is this thing about the price too. But, wow, Phil makes good stuff!

Thanks for reading.


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I have their compressor, Helios fuzz, and Tube Vibe. All great pedals. Had a Blackbird until recently too. Great company.

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