effects chain order


hi, so i am currently putting together a small board and i am unsure of what order i should put a couple pedals in.

I am using a roger mayer axis fuzz, an ibanez ts9, boss tu-2 and a true bypassed crybaby wah.

which pedal should start the chain?

should the ts9 come before, or after the fuzz?

where should the tuner be in the chain?



I'd experiment with the fuzz before and after the TU-2. Fuzzes do not like being placed after buffers, which the TU-2 has.

Worst case, you can put the TU-2 last in your chain (you'll just have to shut off every pedal before tuning). Many guitarists report a tonal improvement having the TU-2 as the last thing the signal sees before the amp so it may even benefit you.

Of course, you may want to test the fuzz before or after the wah. Just saying, you never know! And when the wah is engaged with a fuzz well..... you really want to test the order then.

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