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Effects for an AC30

I've always been a plug-my-guitar-right-into-the-amp-kinda-guy so I'm pretty much blank on effects and pedal. I've decided that get a AC30, and get some pedals. I can't afford several amps ;)

The only pedals I've got right now is a vox Wah, and a Boss TU-2.

Anyway, the first thing I'm looking for is a overdrive/fuzz/distortion box. What would you people recommend? RAT or a Tubescreamer?
I'm looking for that warm round overdrive sound, at the same time I'm looking for that dry and dirty crunch.

Which other effects is really necessary? Delay, etc?



The mids of a TS9 might just be a little too much for an AC30, if you like the TS sound you could go for, say, a Fulldrive 2 with 'flat mids'.

A Crowter Hotcake is very cool with an AC30 too (from a dirty boost to distortion, higher gain sounds a little compressed though).

Last week my Lovepedal Karl fuzz KILLED through my AC30 at rehearsal, but any good Ge or Si fuzz will do (like Analogman's offerings).


Try the search function. There are loads of "which od to go with my ac30" type threads...

The Hot Cake works for me as well. Also, I recommend the Rx Overdriver to anyone who asks, because it's such a cool and versatile pedal. It covers everything from clean boost to fuzz and has a somewhat old school vibe.

As to what other effecs are "necessary", you'll have to find out yourself I guess. I only use delay and wah (besides overdrive/distortion and fuzz).


I use a Crowther Hotcake and a Rat2 with my CC2, sounds awesome!
As stated above the hotcake is a great pedal covering pretty much anything you want to do, from boost to raw distortion with minimal extra noise. Its so cool when you switch the hotcake on and you cant hear a thing untill you strike a chord. I would suggest this is the best pedal to start off with.

I dont use any other effects though. But i hear the effects loop works great. :)
Thanks for the replies.

I'm definitely gonna check out the hot cake. And I've watched some videos on youtube of the Ethos overdrive. Sound sweet.


i use a jekyal and hyde pedal with my ac30 and it sounds amazing. Its both overdrive and a distortion. You can use them on there own or at the same time.


I'm looking for that warm round overdrive sound, at the same time I'm looking for that dry and dirty crunch.

You wait until you're buying an AC30 to develop an interest in OD pedals?
:p :rotflmao:roll

Seriously, tho'..
I would look at the Hotcake, possibly a Germanium based booster; ideally
one that allows for some control of a selected frequency or three.

I use and really enjoy the HBE Germacide with my AC30-style amp; which
is a TopHat King Royale ..

The Germacide has a 5 position freq selector so it matches well with
Tele's strats,LPs, etc. loved that pedal so much, I bought 3 !

The Germacide has been discontinued so, you might want to look at
a /13 Dynaranger as the closest example of that concept.

Also - the Coloursound Overdriver-inspired pedals are great :

~ Prescription Rx Overdriver,
~ Throbak OD/boost
~ Proanalog Power Boost are all 3 great pedals

The Tonebenders MK and III are also good bets w/ an AC30.

Retroman's LOLA(MkII) and TONEZILLA(MkIII) are top examples.

The Skreddy Screwdriver, you would probably dig also as it has alot
of those flavors, and is very popular.

There are others, but I'm sure many will chime in with, more.


Silver Supporting Member
Hotcake for Low OD
Keeley Rat for Med/High Distortion
Beano Boost for some hairy crunch
SunFace NKT-275 for Ge Fuzz
SunFace BC-108 for Si Fuzz


haha. just the basics :)

I do recommend the sunlion (sunface+beano), and the ZIM could be recommended for ANY amp!

That's what I found ironic.

The SunLion has 2 of the f/x you suggested, in one unit.
You could also put a RAT card and a Silicon FF in the ZIM(among others..)

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