Effects in loop of Ceriatone OTS

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So I just bought a Ceriatone OTS mini, and (foolishly) passed on getting the Kleinulator for a good deal with it. I kind of misunderstood what it did, but now that I've read about passive loops, I realize I probably need something for the loop. The only effect I'll use in the loop is reverb. So here's my question - should I buy a Kleinulator and use my existing reverb pedal (TC Hall of Fame), or buy something like a Verbrator? The HoF reverb sounds decent to me. Since I already own that pedal, and the Kleinulator isn't expensive, that's definitely the cheaper route. But I don't mind buying the Verbrator if it's going to sound noticeably better.

Angle Loss

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The biggest thing to consider is the effect that the Kleinulator has on smoothing the high end...it is part of the Dumble sound. The Verbrator has convenience, and will be brighter sounding (like your amp without the loop engaged). So, if you like the tone a little brighter like it is now, go Verbrator. If you think you might like the effect of having the Kleinulator in there, it is cheaper, but a slightly more bulky set up.

fwiw, I have a OTS Mini w/ a Kleinulator and use a Strymon Flint in the loop.

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