Effects Loop/ True Bypass strips Questions

How should I set up my board?

  • get the 4 channel and go straight to amp, forget the effects loop

  • Normal path into amp, AB in effects loop for your major tone suckers

  • get 2 seperate TB switches, but put whammy 1st in chain

  • You're an idiot and I bet you're compensating for being bad

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I'm not gonna spend every $ I have to sound like Trey but I play mostly Phish and we usually jam similarly to them so I'd like to get close. Always have Hot Rod D3 on clean channel

I have currently I have
LP Studio > TU-2 > Keely BD2 > TS9 > Hot Rod III
then effect out > Boomerang + > effect in. The Boomerang sucks harddd,

I'm getting a Whammy ii soon and know it's gonna get worse.

my ideas are:
1. Buy http://www.loop-master.com/product_info.php?products_id=118 So LP > Strip [TU2,BD2,TS9,Whammy,Boomerang] > Input 1 of hot rod

2. Buy http://www.loop-master.com/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=31 LP > TU2 > BD2 > TS9 > Hot Rod
Effects > Strip [Whammy, Boomerang] > Amp

3. Buy 2 (well 1 w/ the tuner out) of these www.loop-master.com/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=49
LP > strip [TU2, whammy] > BD2 > TS9 > Hot Rod
Effects > Strip [Bommerang] > Amp

Any recs? I've never heard using true bypass strips partially in front of and part in effects loop. Or why not?

Also planning on getting an AM BiComp soon I know the Ross goes best after OD and Orange goes best before. Wonder about the Orange and the modded BD2? Also I have a hodgepdge of nice and crummy cables so when I have all the stuff I want I will standardize my set.


Hi. Whatever you do, I would try to make sure the whammy goes before the dirt. I too am a Trey tone fan (not chasing it but I like to learn from it) and I just got a whammy II myself. The tracking gets a little wonky if you put it after the TS, where it's a little more stable if you feed it a direct, clean guitar signal. I believe Trey has it first. I can only assume he uses some kind of a TB switch for it(?)

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