EGC Travis Bean Designs -Opinions?


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Curious if anyone has played the reissue Travis Bean Designs TB-1000A or TB-1000S (built by the folks at Electrical Guitar Company in conjunction with Travis's widow and former business partner)?

I know they are not built exactly like the T-Beans of old, however, they also no longer weigh 10+ lbs

Thoughts and opinions of people that actually laid hands on one of these guitars appreciated. Thanks.
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I can't comment specifically on the Bean reissues. I have owned two EGC guitars, one of which I custom ordered.

Here is my experience. The order went far past the promised date, although not excessively long and I did receive the guitar, I think it was around six months beyond the promised date and I did have to ask them for progress. They did respond relatively quickly. I provided neck specs, they didn't say they couldn't do it, but what I received was nothing like what I'd requested (what I received was pretty thin). In all, I did get the guitar that I ordered, but I think they only have (or had, anyway) two neck shapes at the time, thin or very thin, and I do wish they'd disclosed that.

Both guitars looked great. The polishing on one and the paint on the other were both excellent. The action on one I could never get low enough without buzzing. The plastic inlays popped out and had to be glued back in. That is apparently a known issue, but I do think that is a minor concern. I was satisfied with the overall craftsmanship. Both guitars were very heavy.

The prices have gone nuts. I was able to sell my custom order for about 2x what I paid for it, but there weren't enough positives about the guitars or the experience to make me want to order again. I think an old Kramer, which I still own while selling the EGCs, gets you as good of a guitar for much less, but I realize some people really do want the Bean look and don't like some of the Kramer weirdness and I understand that, but I think it's something to consider before sending away $5k or whatever the EGCs are now.

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