Egnater users: SL module?


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I'm contemplating getting an Egnater M4 w/a poweramp sometime this year (it will mean moving away from my beloved SRRI and DIY pedals), and I'm obviously dreaming about what modules I'll get. Everyone loves the T/D (which I'd get for clean) and SL2 (probably the most popular), with the new(er) EG5 getting heaps of praise for hi-gain lead sounds.
But what about the SL? How does that handle classic rock (early/'Back In Black' era AC/DC, ZZ Topp)? In a nutshell, I’d like something that could do that Billy Duffy’s tone from The Cult’s ‘Electric’ (which is pretty much runs the gamut of lower/medium gain to high-ish gain classic Marshall).

Any love for the SL module?
Personally, having had the MOD50, get the Bassman MOD. In the pushed channel you can get that very nicely. I ended up liking that better for 'classic rock' type stuff, very responsive.

And the 1st of the SL2 will get you there as well, once you kick in the 2nd, that's more of the 'hot rodded' channel.
EDIT: the bassman did a 'pushed' thing better for me....YMMV.

But again, I haven't tried the regular SL module either.



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I'm jonesing to hear this module too.

Dude, be sure to check out the bassman module also... that thing sounds incredible.

Definitely warmer and tweedier than the Twin/Deluxe... matches up with the SL2 REALLY well...

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I'm going to say go with the SL. If I could only have one module and had to cover a lot of ground it's the one. I have the B'man and I think you are right electronpirate, it's very good and they are really in the same ballpark. I have them both, the SL gets about %70 of my play time. I keep the B'man as a back up and for studio tones. It's probably a little better at getting towards the clean end and the SL leans a little more towards the braeking up on the A channel to full on distortion with the B channel. SL would get the Duffy/ZZ/ACDC sounds you are looking for sure as all of those sounds are more Marshall than Fender.
I think the SL is best felt in the exact same context as all those classic recordings were made - with the power section honkin'. Without the master volume at least 1/3 to half way up, you won't get the true glory of the SL.

The SL is also the best module to use if you want to the it with a fuzz for thee EJ woolly mammoth tone. It's what I use when my band covers some EJ and Beck tunage.

I have two SL live clips posted in the Egnater clip Collective thread in my sig. You just reminded me I have another I should post.


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Thanks again, everyone.
I'd love to hear a clip of the SL at various gain levels on the two channels with the bridge pickup of a humbucker guitar (i.e. a LP). I live about 20min away from Indoor Storm and Eddie is a very cool guy. His videos are a really nice demo of the amp, but I feel like he doesn't demonstrate the variety of gain/tone in each; that's a lot to ask for considering how many videos he made, but I'd love to just hear the SL with some simple riffs/chords done in a classic vein, not jazzy or delta-bluesy.


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Heck yeah. Someone please post the SL doing the riff from AC/DC "Back in Black" and perhaps a Cult riff. :AOK