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EH 12AY7 Mic-Pre Users - What's Your Setup?

I don't see the EH 12AY7 MIC-PRE preamp mentioned that often, so I thought I'd post to get some info from other users. Some things that I'm interested in are:

1. What tube arrangement are you using? Any preferred brands?
note: Out of the box, the arrangement is V1 ->12AU7, V2->12AY7?

2. What mic's are you using it with, are there any mic's that you wouldn't use it with?

3. What's your recording setup?

4. What are you recording?

5. How many do you own?

1. V1 ->12AU7, V2->12AY7 both Electro-Harmonix.
Tried V1 ->12AY7 (EH), V2->12AX7 (Sovtek LPS), sounded great but both tubes ended up frying. First the Sovtek which I replaced with a JJ, then the EH. No Brand preference, still searching ordering some NOS tubes 12AU7/12AY7

2. SM57

3. Mic-Pre into a Sony minidisc recorder also have tried Mic-Pre into a Tascam Pocketstudio5.

Pocketstudio5 seems to pick up a lot of hiss.

4. Recording Am Deluxe strat and ES175 through a SFTR.

5. One.


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