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Hi everyone,

I've been looking at reviews and demos of the EH Memory Man with Hazarai and was thinking about buying one. However my local GC doesn't have any in stock.

Has anyone played this? What are your thoughts or suggestions? Is there a better delay for a comparable price?

Oh, and one more question. I used to have an old Arion Digital Delay that would let you record a couple second loop, turn the pedal off, and play the loop back at will. Does this, or any other pedal, offer the same functionality?


I've got a one and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. My only real complaint would be that I with the modulation option were on more of the modes. I have heard some people have a problem with the relative gain of the pedal overall, but mine seems to be right at unity bypassed or on.

It will keep your recorded loop in memory if you bypass the pedal, but not if you unplug it.


Easily my favorite delay pedal I've ever used. I use a Deluxe Memory Boy as well, but I definitely prefer the Hazarai. It doesn't sound sterile at all for a digital delay, and the filter knob works great for warming the repeats a little bit or cutting out the low frequencies completely.

I use it for basic echo stuff, a trippy flange, washed out reverberated delays, swells on the multi-tap setting, and some stuttering/cd skip type stuff. It can do a whole lot more though. Extremely versatile.


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i had one for a short while. got it from someone here on TGP for 150$.
for $150 it's a decent pedal, lots of options w/ the delays on it etc, reverse is fun-and if you like spacey sounds, it good! and i liked the looper.
probably the reason i got rid of it was i was hoping to like the looper enough to use as my main looper, and it wasn't cutting it for me.

but i also have lots of pedals and options, it just wasn't something i ended up keeping.
for delay now i use a digitech dl8 (love it!).
and for my main looper i use an EH 16sec DDLri--which i LOVE!!!

one thing i did was watch a lot of youtube vids of people demoing it. it can give you an idea of how it works, sounds, etc...
good luck
I love mine. Tons of sounds and very usable. I don't use it for regular delays at all though - only looping, some swell stuff, faux-flanger and some weird ring mod tones. My only complaint is the unity gain issue. You'd never use it as a precision looper a la Battles or Russian Circles but if you want to manipulate your loops and don't mind a little bit of a volume drop it's great.



I have been thinking about this pedal so I would love to hear more opinions. I have searched here but (surprisingly) did not come up w/ much. My son and I watched the clip on their (EH) website and it sounded great... great to the point that I asked my son " did they mic and some how process the sound of the two amps?... "cause it is good"!

I used to play stereo all the time years ago with many different amps, reverbs and delay pedals and thought this might be the way to do that again w/ out the champagne colored Ibanez chorus.

I ( it's not all about me... really!) would love to find the affordable stereo delay reverb that is good for guitar amps as I am playing w/ a great female singer doing music that needs big atmosphere/ambiance.


The Intelligent reverse, reverse echo and reverse echo/loop functions have to be heard to believed. I will seriously keep the MMw/Hazarai on my board for these studio effects alone!!


I have been having mine for over a year, & really like it. My only complaint is the slight volume drop.

Favorite all around setting is the echo mode set about 400 ms, with the Decay knob turned up a bit to smear the echoes together with a bit of reverb.

Another favorite is the multi tap with the blend & decay knobs set about 2-3 o'clock. Great for spacey volume swells.

Reverse is really good, too.

Looper is okay, but not as versatile & usable as a DL4.


one of the best kept secrets for echo pedals in my opinion.
a real sleeper for sure.


I love mine. I got it right when they got released, and it hasn't left my board since. Even still, I find new tones that I didn't know could be achieved with it. It's just an awesome pedal.

I've seen them as low as $130 used before. Obviously that's few and far in between, but you can snag them for well under $200 all day long on any forum.

Bill Ruppert

Hands down one of my favorite pedals.
For about two years now everything I have recorded in my studio has gone through this pedal.
24 bit full band with. What goes in comes out.
The problem people have with any level drop is an impedance mismatch with in their set up.
The Mod/delay has a limit of 300mS but if you use the tap function you can get almost a second of the modulated delay.
The mod/delay fills out the stereo spectrum great.
The loop and reverse stuff is mind blowing.
The EQ goes both ways to remove bass or remove treble from the repeats.
I love that feature


amazing pedal. tons of delay options, a fantastic looper, and it even cops a pretty damn good reverb sound. if your local GC doesn't have any, cruise around the forum...tons of people seem to be selling their hazarai's off.

no clue.


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I have had one of these for a couple of years now and love it. So many possibilities. One of my favorite features is you can record a loop and have the loop play while using a different delay setting on your guitar signal.
I also just got a Digitech DL8, traded my Carbon Copy for it. Glad I made the switch lots more options and a very nice delay sound. On it the looper is just another mode. Can't use the delay for anything else at the same time loop is playing.

Of the 2 the SMMH is the funner of the two but the DL8 might just sound a little better.

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