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EHX Lester K

Discussion in 'Reviews of Pedals and Effects' started by BluLu, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. BluLu

    BluLu Supporting Member

    Oct 2, 2004
    Long story LONG. Owned virtually EVERY Leslie sim out there. H&K, Tech 21, Vent I II and Mini organ,DLS, Arion Chorus. The ventilators are great actually but I always thought they were too 'Vibe" like with too much pulse especially in the fast mode. The best sound I got (Obviously) was from a real Leslie 2101 Solid State hi rotor. It worked great thru the effects loop. When I switched on the loop it would send my signal to the input of the 2101. It would do it's thing then I would run the Low sim output from the 2101 to the effects return of my amp. I dumped the whole rig cause it was too BIG. I'm gonna get one of those suckers again I'm thinking. Just wanted to share that in case you get a chance to get near a 2101. Back to pedals. One of the sounds I've always loved is the drive sound from real leslie. If you're reading this you know that's hit or miss and personal taste goes a long way to what sounds "GOOD" I was stoked when the vent II came out and finally picked one up recently. Besides the fact that I got TWO units that acted up after a few uses I just returned it and said Frag it. The vent II sounded really good but still had that "VIBE" vibe thing to me and I had to set the mic distance as far as possible. So I see the Lester K and thought that I never played an EHX pedal that wasn't organic and I bought one. I'm running it in the effects loop of my Atomic Amplire. The Lester K is the closest ,especially the drive sound. It sounds to me more like a Flanger than a vibe but WTFDIK.
    I'm running the amplifire into a quilter 200 with cab sims off via a Lehle P split just for the transformer and the ground lift comes in handy for noise from the USB on the Amplifire. I will also add that my new "Secret Weapon" is a Supro Tremolo pedal that I leave on all the time with the depth at zero. It REALLY does fatten the tone. I'm using it LAST in the chain with the gain on the supro at zero too. Final verdict THUMBS UP on the LESTER K!
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  2. cheapgtrs

    cheapgtrs Supporting Member

    May 13, 2011
    Southwest Michigan
    I've got the Lester G version, I love it.
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  3. stratcat54

    stratcat54 Member

    Nov 6, 2008
    South Florida
    Me too!
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  4. FracStrat

    FracStrat Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2017
    WA State USA
    Lester G with one of the Source Audio Reflex CV channels to change speed .. Love it too

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