Sold EHX: Micro POG


All things with a Maple Cap
Works great, just looking to down size my board. Comes with aftermarket knobs and original box.

Price for TGP Members: $165.00 pp'd and shipped to your door in the lower 48 States.

Really only interested in trading for: Neunaber Stereo Slate*, Spaceman Secret Mission II*/Sputnik*, PettyJohn PettyDrive Deluxe*, PreDrive* or Iron, Zvex Octane/Johnny Octave, Rimrock MO or anything in this arena of Fuzz/Mod/OD.

(*) = Cash on my end depending on the pedal and its condition.

Item will ship upon receiving funds. PPG is preferred, but PP is accepted as long as you add the Fee's. I've got great feedback on Reverb and Ebay.

Best Regards,



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