EHX Pitchfork the best compact pitch shifter for different tunings?


Looking for a compact pitch shifter to achieve different tunings and effects like faux baritone, 12 string, detune and simple step down/up tunings on the fly. Seems the Pitchfork is the best candidate but is there anything else I'm missing?

I tried the Boss PS-6 but wasn't a fan of it (actually preferred the PS-5), Digitech Drop obviously only goes one way and the while Ricochet looks great there is no blend or dual shift.

Any other contenders? What you guys using?


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If you only need to go lower, then the Drop seems to track better.


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I've only seen demo's of the Pitchfork, so I don't have anything helpful to say about it other than it looks to be good.

I'm really curious of the Alexander Marshmallow, it's one of their Neo series pedals meaning that it can save presets and take midi, which is a plus in a pitch shifter. It seems to be able to do all the weird stuff really well but I bet it can do those more traditional tricks you're after too. I dont know.


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I've been meaning to start a thread similar to this for a while; the only difference would have been that I only need to transform a standard electric into a baritone.

I've been using a VG-99 to do this but have wondered if there is anything better - not that I have any complaints about the VG-99.

I was also wondering how the pitch-shifting in the EHX Ring Thing compares to the Pitchfork, or to any other pitch shifter.

Hopefully someone here will be able to give an informed opinion...


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It seems difficult for a pedal to drop all the way down to Baritone (BEADF#B) and still sound good. I use my Drop for up to 4 semitones down, but still bring my baritone to gigs for that sound. Much more satisfying IMO.

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