EJ clean on a budget---got it! Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Nov 4, 2004
    In an earlier thread I asked for suggestions for EJ's clean tone
    knowing my mono rig was only going to get me so close.

    After the help here and other reading and listening I swapped out a couple key pedals as well a tweaking the way I EQ my amps.

    I'm very pleased with my clean tone now, very EJ'ish. My dirty path is still made up of some inexpensive boxes but they work great and I have a nice clean as well as 3 dirty tones preset.

    Here's the line-up:

    EJ Rosewood or AmDlx-V-neck > BBE Green Screamer > Visual Sound J & H > EB Vol. Pedal > TC Electronics SCF Chorus > El Capistan > DD-3 >
    Older U.S. made Hot Rod Deluxe.

    Thanks for all your help TGP!

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