El Cap issue w/ favorite switch

Anthony Gring

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Already this sent to Strymon but wondering if anyone else has run into this ?

I've been using my El Cap for a number of years on my pedal board with no issues. I use the power supply that came with it. After the first year , I got a fave switch made by Railhead. It has worked just fine with no issues. I recently purchased a DIG -( love it btw ). I wanted ability to have a fave switch with it as well.

So, I had Analog Endeavors make me a Dual Fave switch so I could have one box w/ switches going to El Cap and DIG.

Today I found that using the Dual Fave switch with the El Cap, I could save a fave setting but, as soon as I switched off the fave switch the tempo led stayed a steady red and, no effect was present. Completely dry. As soon as I moved the Time dial, tempo led flashed. Same if I stepped on Tap Tempo switch.

After I got tempo going again and switched to fave setting, there was an audible tape smear sound as when the time dial is moved quickly. This also has never occurred before.

The switch feeding the DIG works fine and saves favorites. When going between fave and regular there is no tape smear sound.

Thinking it was maybe the new Dual Fave switch, I used the out that was going to the DIG and sent to El Cap. Still same problem.

Then I tried my Railhead single fave switch on each pedal. DIG responds fine but same issue with El Cap.

I have dis-connected power to El Cap and powered back up holding both switches down so it can be used with a favorite switch. Same issue after each attempt.

I'm out of ideas. Am I missing something obvious?

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