Electric guitar with a good acoustic sound?


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I've been doing a lot of acoustic shows lately and have been considering getting another guitar with a great acoustic tone. I've been considering a godin a6 but was wondering if anyone has had any luck with an electric guitar that gets good acoustic sounds as well. I know that carvin and godin offer some decent electric guitars with acoustic pickups but have no experience with either. Saw Daughtry on soundstage last night playing a hollow body gibson that had really nice acoustic tones. Trying to stay under $1000 if possible. Thanks.


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If you want to do both at once, try a Godin Montreal or any of their two-voice guitars. My old Flat Five X with stereo output, when I'm playing acoustic, sounds better then the real acoustic guys I play next to. Run it through great processing and you're there.

The GHOST system works great in many electric guitars, so does the Fishman PowerBridge. I have and have used Fishman, Ghost, and L.R. Baggs stuff. My favorite is the Baggs system in my (very expensive) Anderson Crowdster Plus. I also love the Ghost in my PRS. The Godin has a Baggs, and my US Masters has a powerbridge. ANY of them can make a VERY convincing acoustic sound live.


Nothing I've tried beats the Parker Fly here. I use a NiteFly Sa, great electric and acoustic tones.

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