Electro Harmonix 22 Caliber Power Amp Pedal


I just got one last night and over I think it's great for what it is and for my use.
My only issue is it seems that the grounding sucks. There is a little bit of a buzz but nothing that is horrible ntil I throw a dirt pedal on in front of it and I can't leave the dirt on and not play because it's so lound and annoying. I've had the EHX LBP pedal for a while and I had a guy I work with ground it properly and then it was fine, so I brought it to work today and the same guy is gonna check it out and hopefully it's an easy fix.

Does anybody else have this problem with the 22?
A friend had one of the 22 Calibers and I didn't hear any annoying buzzing sounds. Nice little device. He also ran dirt pedals in front of it and it sounded just fine.


I had one for a while, and it had a decent buzz unless I had the enclosure touching something else that was grounded. The problem may be that the internal grounding of the enclosure is weak. I do know that the jacks are insulated against the enclosure, which is usually not the case with pedals.

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