Electro Harmonix pedals and SKB Stage 5 issues

I apologize if this is a known and often discussed problem:
My dad has the SKB Stage 5 pedal board and was having problems with his Electro-Harmonix pedals, Holy Grail Reverb and Memory Man. The pedals work for a minute or 2 and then either stop processing any effects or make a noise like a plane taking off. Strange thing is both pedals work perfectly on my One Spot Power Supply. All his other pedals work fine using the same power outputs and cables. Anything about these pedals or the power supply in the pedal board that would cause this? We were using the 9V DC power outputs, not the variable outputs, 12/18volt outputs or the 9V AC just FYI.


I know you posted this a while abo but I had the same problem and I though others might to. This is what you need to do. The grail require 225ma that is why the power plug is different than most pedals and it comes with a 500ma ac adaptor. Most 9v power suplies for pedals are 200ma or less. The SKB power ports are only 100ma so you will need to tie together 3 ports to power this one pedal this will give you the ability to pull up to 300ma for this pedal .
You can either spice an solder 3 cables together (you need to be skilled in electronics for this ) or you can do what I did and that is to buy 3 x 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male mono cables and 2 x 3.5mm mono splitters (1 male end and 2 female on the other end). Plug 1 splitter into the pedal then another splitter into one side of the first splitter. This will give you 3 female 2.5mm leads. Now take the 3 male to male cable and plug them into the splitters and into 3 power ports on the SKB and you are ready to go. (put the polarity switches on all 3 in the up position before you power on !!! )
I also run a POD2 that needs 2 leads so I am using 5 power ports to run 2 pedals. (the POD2 runs a different plug with the polarity switches in the down positions)

Hope this helps.
Here are links to the cables I bought off ebay:

Audio Sound Splitters for iPod MP3 Player Mono 3.5 mm


2 Foot 3.5 mm Mono Plug to 3.5 mm Mono Plug

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