Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser Polarity

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    Nov 28, 2011
    Gold Coast Australia
    Hello to All. I just bought a EH4800 "nano' small stone phaser. The single pink sheet instructions say under "AC OPERATION" to use a "EH tip-positive 9 volt 100ma adaptor".

    I assume "adaptor" means an EH power supply, to convert house supply AC to 9v DC.

    I have a power supply with tip negative polarity, so I used a short 6" lead that came with the powersupply that changed the polarity to tip positive.

    I turned it on, but no work. Then, I noticed a small polarity diagram on the top face of the pedal showing tip negative. So, I plugged my power supply direct into the pedal. It works.

    Now, have I misunderstood the instructions? Or have EH included instructions for another phaser? Very confusing. And have I damaged the unit by running it with the tip positive ? Thanks for any comments. Don

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