Electroplex Has Expanded its TR Series Rockets

Hi gang!

Electroplex has just expanded its TR-Series of tube-rectified Rocket Amplifiers:

* Rocket 22/TR features a pair of 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier for a warm, compressed "old school" chime and dynamic touch response at 22 or 12 watts.

* Rocket 35/TR uses a pair of 5881 power tubes along with a GZ34 rectifier to deliver 35 watts of classic "American" power, switchable to 22 watts.

* Rocket 35-EL/TR lashes a pair of EL34 power tubes with a GZ34 for uniquely "British" chime and classic Rocket tones, at 35 or 22 watts.

The newly expanded TR Series will be on display at NAMM. See our facebook page for details!

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